Mariah Carey hit the social media circuit last week to share a sexy selfie. She followed up that steamy snap by addressing fans about her new album delay and her arm injury in one fell swoop.

Mimi's latest album 'The Art of Letting Go' -- her 14th!!! -- was delayed, with its planned July 2013 release date bumped to next year. Yeah, it sucked, but it was a harsh reality. Meemz still went into the studio to work on it, even though she was in pain due to her injury and supposed to be rehabbing and resting her hand.

But the good news is that her arm is healing faster than expected after some grueling physical therapy. She indicated that it was supposed to take eight months to heal. Mimi must have superhuman bones, since she's improved in only three months, to the marvel of her docs.

The entirety of Mimi's post is below, where she offered a heartfelt and sincere update to her beloved little lambs. It sounds like 'The Art of Letting Go' might be her most personal album ever.

She also shared that she has more good news in the pipeline, which she will reveal soon. Perhaps a new release date for 'Art?' We all just want Mimi to let it go and unleash the album on the world.