Here's an early Christmas gift for all you Mariah Carey watchers: a peek into the superstar's private life -- and it's just as wacky and over-the-top as you've hoped!

Mimi let the 'TODAY' show's Tamron Hall and her camera crew into her home for a casual conversation early on Wednesday morning (Dec. 11) -- so early that Mimi didn't even bother changing out of her very low-cut negligee and robe! Ostensibly an interview centered around Carey's holiday classic 'All I Want for Christmas Is You,' the segment was mostly just a jumble of funny stories and rambling revelations that ended with Mariah tossing her Agent Provocateur slipper at the camera.

The setting was Carey and hubby Nick Cannon's "Pink Room," featuring large Christmas trees decorated with actual live pink peonies (because they match the room, of course). Also in the room are numerous trophies and awards, photos of Mariah with luminaries like Barbra Streisand and Nelson Mandela, and other priceless tchotchkes.

"Nobody's ever really in here," Mimi explained. "It's really for things [like] archived photographs ... personal items in here that are special to me. The kids don't even know this room exists yet. Dem babies don't know the room is here!"

Finally getting around to the point for the visit, Mariah revealed that her ever-popular 'All I Want for Christmas' was the first song she wrote. "Christmas and singing, even in difficult times as a kid ... those moments got me through," she said, adding, "I wanted to make the most festive song, that would always make people happy."

Also making people happy? This clip. You don't have to be one of her Lambs to find fun in it. It's seven-and-a-half minutes of Mariah joy, sprinkled with some Tamron nuttiness too.

Back in the 'TODAY' studio, Matt Lauer asked the burning question on most viewers' minds: "What is in the coffee in that house?" Co-host Savannah Guthrie chimed in, "Ladies, we'll have whatever you're having." Amen.