Mariah Carey just keeps those Christmas goodies coming!

The diva, who recently treated 'TODAY' show viewers to a wonderfully wacky interview segment in her home, is giving her little Lambs some more treats to make the holidays especially sweet. And, like that morning TV appearance, she's keeping her wardrobe casual -- and sexy!

Mariah posted a pair of images on her Instagram yesterday (Dec. 22), capturing special moments of her family Christmas trip to Aspen. We can only assume hubby Nick Cannon is the photographer behind these shots, since he's not in them -- and they're clearly not selfies.

Each picture shows off progressively more of Mimi's body. The first photo (above) shows her standing seductively in front of a Christmas tree, wearing fuzzy red slippers and a silky red robe that barely covers her barely-there bikini. One arm is behind her head while she makes a "Shhh" gesture with her other hand. She captions the pic, "Warming up for the hottub moments!"

The second photo tops the first in every single way. The singer is now outside, in the snow, walking her dog, wearing just the bikini and no shoes. Did we mention that it was OUTSIDE? In the SNOW? See for yourself:

She appears to be shivering, but she clearly relished doing it. Her caption states, "It's just a tradition #aspen #coldyethot."