I don't want to speak for myself on this, however, I can completely understand the frustration that some people feel...

...when they read about their monthly bills increasing. Life is hard enough as it is, and several people I know literally live month to month on their paychecks. THIS I know from experience, be grateful where you live, in other parts of the country your utility bill could easily be triple what you are paying now, but sometimes it's hard to understand that.

"MDU serves 93,500 electric customers in 119 North Dakota communities"

I just saw this, this morning - according to bismarcktribune.com "...residential bills to rise in July" - So what will the extra bump cost year every month? "The net result is that average residential customers starting in July will pay $3.18 more a month than they're currently paying"  I am well aware that North Dakotans really don't want to be told that in other States around the country, their rates would be much higher a month, but it's true - I wanted to see for myself, so I went on Google for a bit.

 "The United States average monthly residential electric bill is $131.84, while the Montana Dakota Utility average is 28.24% less at $94.61 per month"

That info was from last September, of 2022 - findenergy.com.  - one last thing, if you are ever considering moving elsewhere, like California for instance, according to energysage.com "On average, California residents spend about $213 per month on electricity. That adds up to $2,556 per year"     

So buckle down just a bit, one less coffee a month at Starbucks, and you'll forget all about the $3.18


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