In case you missed all the drama that went down between 5 Seconds of Summers' Michael Clifford and Abigail Breslin, we'll catch you up quickly. The two of them reportedly went on a date, but things clearly did not end amicably, because Abigail eventually released a track called 'You Suck,' that many assume is about Michael. It's never been confirmed that the song is actually about Michael, but after reading through the lyrics, an educated guess points pretty obviously toward the 5SOS guitarist.

While Michael sort of addressed the song when pressed for a comment during an interview last December, it wasn't until this week (Jan. 25) that he actually responded directly to Abigail.

Abigail took to Twitter to warn fans against bullying, saying, "I mean calling each other ugly and stupid and gross for what? What is it worth? What do you gain from it?" when a few fans fired back at her, saying her song, 'You Suck,' is a form of bullying in itself. According to J-14, Abigail reportedly tweeted to one fan who mentioned the song, saying, "No and I'm sick of seeing this. I didn't call ANYONE ugly i didn't wish death on ANYONE. I MADE A JOKE SONG." The tweet has since been deleted, but you can see a screenshot over on J-14.

Michael later caught wind of what was going down and tweeted Abigail. You can check out his tweet below.

Abigail has not responded further.

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