Pigskin Pick Em is well underway with the first week of games beginning Thursday, September 10. I decided to try a new strategy this season to hopefully beat Joey Dee.

I stumbled across a study posted on the Today Show website discussing why some of the best athletes are good looking. This study used cyclists as an example and it found that the top 10 percent of cyclists according to performance were rated 25 percent more attractive than the bottom 10 percent. I then wondered, if this is true for cycling, is it true for football?

Each week I am going to make my Pigskin Pick Em choices based on which quarterback I find better looking. This may seem shallow, but if it helps me gain bragging rights around the office, I'm all for it!

Here are my week one picks:

Pittsburgh @ New England
Green Bay @ Chicago
Kansas City @ Houston
Cleveland @ New York (J)
Indianapolis @ Buffalo
Miami @ Washington
Carolina @ Jacksonville
Seattle @ St. Louis
New Orleans @ Arizona
Detroit @ San Diego
Tennessee @ Tampa Bay
Cincinnati @ Oakland
Baltimore @ Denver
New York (G) @ Dallas
Philadelphia @ Atlanta
Minnesota @ San Francisco

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