While Mariah Carey grabbed headlines for her ripped dress when she and Miguel performed on 'Good Morning America' last Friday (May 24), the R&B crooner got controversial on Twitter on May 27. He went on a rant about his racial heritage and, in a surprising move, he didn't delete the tweets, as many celebs are known to do once they start garnering criticism.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the 'Adorn' singer tweeted: "Im proud of my heritage but honestly, black people are the most judgmental people in the world. Sh---s sad man."

Miguel, who is both African American and Mexican, continued to tweet about history and perspective, and about fixing overarching societal problems. There's not a lot of linear explanation going on here to reveal exactly what caused Miguel to vent on Twitter, but he was certainly irritated about something. And like we said earlier, he didn't wipe his Twitter feed clean of these tweets, which got both positive and negative reactions from followers.

That's the beauty of discourse. People talk. They may argue and disagree, but at lease they are communicating.