It's Miley and Britney, b---hes. The duo's duet 'SMS (Bangerz)' has been leaking left and right all day (Sept. 30), and now you stream the collabo (as well as the rest of her album) on iTunes. It's Miley Cyrus, Wannabe Rap Diva.

Cyrus has been paying lip service to her urban-ness since she began promoting her album 'Bangerz,' and this song is another way for her to show that she wants to be street and hood.

She is basically kissing off an ex as sings/raps "One day he wants me / One day he wants me not." She has had enough of this scrub and is dunzo. She's got stuff to strut.

Brit arrives at the 1:10 mark, delivering a verse in her breathy, sex kitten voice.

Cyrus delivers her words in a nasally rap. She's not the world's worst rapper but she's not going to supplant Nicki Minaj anytime soon. It's not like she's going to be embraced by Kendrick Lamar fans or backpacker hip-hop fans.

But this is certainly a way for Cyrus' largely young fan base to listen to "bad girl rap" and live vicariously through her. It's not dangerous but it flirts with the edge.