Miley Cyrus doesn't need criticism, according to her childhood pastor. Instead, she needs your prayers, and not because he thinks the controversial starlet needs saving. Whoa! Wait, what?

Pastor Dave Roberts, who remains close with Miley's mom and dad, revealed that his church, Of the Montrose, located in an L.A. suburb, has been the recipient of hate mail over the years, due to its onetime involvement with Miley. People have taken to blaming him for how she has turned out. Really? Really.

"I think most people can’t imagine what it’s like, they can’t have any idea what that all looks like," the pastor reasoned. "They write to the church because they assume that anything she does, and when she was younger, anything on the show ['Hannah Montana'] that they didn’t like, they would write to me and say, 'You should have taught her better.' It’s silly."

Instead of standing in judgment of Cyrus, Roberts has asked people to instead pray for her. "I usually write them back to say, 'You’re talking about a young girl, maybe your prayer and support would be more valuable than your critique… you can’t imagine the pressure (she’s under),'" he said.

Roberts said if Miley ever needs him, his door is wide open. He is closer to her parents and her little sister Noah, since Noah is friends with Roberts' little girl, but he would be happy to extend his support to her.

He said, "I would I always want her to feel that we’re standing by her and helping and supporting and praying for her...I think she lives under incredible scrutiny."

Miley is lucky to have him in her corner.