We all know that Miley Cyrus loves gettin' naked as the day she was born, which is Nov. 23, 1992, in case you forgot. She was up to her old 'Wrecking Ball' tricks again, stripping down and slathering her lithe body with silvery, metallic body paint for Future's 'Real & True' video.

Cyrus is some sort of naked humanoid in the photos. In this shot, she is strapped to a chair, encased in a glass room of some sort, with Future staring at her from behind the glass. She looks like she is about to be the subject of experiments.

Dan Steinberg / Invision for Epic Records / AP Images

In this intimate shot, Miley and Future are both pressed up against the glass pane. They are trying to make contact and to connect. It appears as though they want to either kiss or have some sort of tactile bond. It's just for show and it's all play acting, since he is dating Ciara and Miley is said to be loved up with photographer Theo Wenner.

Dan Steinberg / Invision for Epic Records / AP Images

The last shot is of the two on the set. Miley's rocking a green jumpsuit while Future plays the part of astronaut. They are among the crew and watching what they've filmed. It's work, not play!

Dan Steinberg / Invision for Epic Records / AP Images

The photos leaked earlier this week and it was reported that the video would drop Friday, Oct. 18. That is not the case. It's still in the production stages and Future's label exclusively told PopCrush that we can expect the video at the end of the month.

If you need more Miley x Future in the meantime, listen to 'My Darlin'' from 'Bangerz.' He guests on it.

Oh, and while we got ya here, listen to the acoustic version of 'Wrecking Ball' here. To our ears, it's not that much different than the orig.