Miley Cyrus does not hide her love for the green stuff. She has espoused its virtues in magazine cover stories and even lit up on stage at the EMAs at the end of 2013. So yeah, Miley isn't trying to keep her love of weed under any sort of wraps.

Speaking of wraps...

...the singer is selling blingy, Bangerz-branded rolling papers at the merch table while on tour. So, in addition to performing faux fellatio on a Bill Clinton "effigy" on stage, she is selling paraphernalia. But there is a catch.

The papers, produced by Shine Papers, are manufactured specifically for hemp and legal herbs. So Miley wants fans to smoke 24-k hemp joints, not anything else. This reminds us of her salvia defense -- just saying.

You can see a pic of a pack of papers (say that five times fast) here.

Like Rihanna, Miss Miley ain't trying to be the poster girl for the Goody Two-Shoes Movement. But given her young and impressionable fanbase, this feels like a bit of a bold move for the former Disney diva.