Miley Cyrus had to deny Arizona teen Matt Peterson when he got naked and asked her to prom. She wasn't offended by his nakedness. As if. (Hello, 'Wrecking Ball' video.) She had to ixnay him due to prior commitments. But she didn't just say no and move on. In fact, her reaction was quite the opposite.

Cyrus rolled out the red carpet for Peterson at her Phoenix concert this week, serenading him on stage and much more!

In addition to a front row seat, Miley pretty much turned the show into the Bangerz Tour Prom for Peterson. Something tells us his experience was way better than having Miley at the real prom!

Peterson dressed for the occasion, complete with a suit jacket featuring images of Miley's infamous mouth and tongue.

He also was a consummate gentleman who brought her a corsage. She kissed him, borrowed his jacket and sang 'Adore You,' her new single, to him.