Miley Cyrus is almost defiant when demonstrating her love of the green stuff, as the singer/actress was spotted taking drags off something that looks like weed. We don't think it's salvia.

The singer, who was spotted toking up on a hotel balcony earlier this month, was filmed taking a hit off a blunt on Sunday night (April 14) at the Greystone Manor in Hollywood.

You can see the close-cropped Cyrus hanging out with a friend and enjoying music, which is all enhanced when a blunt is passed her way and she takes a deep drag and blazes happily. She doesn't seem to be aware that she is being filmed, but then again, every smartphone comes equipped with a camera nowadays so she is ridic to be so public about her smoking habit.

Remember, Miley did protest a photo where she appeared to be toking up and exhaling a huge plume of smoke, denying it was her, even though it really looked like her. She can't deny, deny, deny in this case.

She can't chalk it up to being something "herbal" and get away with it at this point.

She is apparently doing her level best to shed any remnants of her good girl, 'Hannah Montana' image.

Perhaps Snoop Dogg had a bit of an influence on her, since they did record a song together.