Miley Cyrus makes no apologies for herself or her art. In her MTV documentary 'Miley: The Movement,' which aired tonight (Oct. 2), she revealed that her movement, or The Movement, is bigger than one album. It's about taking over the world in calculated fashion.

The movement represents fluidity, changing and growing. But she maintains that she is still the same person she was five years ago.

Here's the key things we learned about Miss Miley in the hour-long special, the extended cut of which will air Sunday, Oct. 6.

*She didn't know what her album would sound like in advance, but that her love of urban music and his beats lead her to Mike Will Made It.

*She doesn't throw shade at anything she has done in her past. In fact, it got here where she is today.

*Cyrus panicked when 'We Can't Stop' debuted at No. 181 on iTunes the minute it dropped. That was a moment of vulnerability.

*She is really likable when seen in this light. We see her working hard, visiting Twitter, flying to NYC to perform on 'GMA' and more.

*She thought she was going to do movies after 'Hannah Mantana.' She did one flick and decided that music was for her, as opposed to films.

*She loved living in Philly for three months, picking up dog poop.

*Pharrell Williams gave her the "okay" to cut her hair, which allowed her to "be the bad b---h I really am."

*She does a spot-on Shakira impression. It was very cute.

*She only wanted one b---h on her record and that's Britney, b---h.

*Her VMAs performance was "a strategic hot mess."

*She was supposed to arrive at the VMAs in a police car but the regular driver drove past it and she couldn't back up and get in the police car because it would look staged in full view of fans. She freaked out hardcore for about 30 seconds. She then composed herself, got out of the car and did her thing, flashing her tongue. She was on.

*Ultimately, Miley Cyrus is driving this train and in control of every movement. Or of The Movement.