'Teddy Time' has officially arrived in the Twin Cities, much sooner than anyone expected.

It was announced today that the Minnesota Vikings were placing starting quarterback Matt Cassel on injured reserve, after he broke several bones in his foot Sunday against the New Orleans Saints.

That means that rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will assume the starting role, which the team hadn't planned on doing until much later in the season, if at all.

Here's what Bridgewater told ESPN about taking over the starting job for the Vikings:

It's no pressure on me and it's not all about me. It takes a team effort to win football games and we have 11 guys on defense who are going to play their tails off. We have 11 guys on special teams and 10 other guys on the offensive side of the ball that are going to be out there competing for one another. There's no pressure for me to have to fill the needs or anything. ... It's just all about the team.

Bridgewater's first NFL start will come this weekend against the Atlanta Falcons, who are averaging over 30 points a game this season.