The Souris Valley Animal Shelter in Minot is doing good things for both people and animals. And now, they are being honored for their hard work, helping people and animals escape from their terrifying life situations. The Souris Valley Animal Shelter made a Facebook announcement about a grant the shelter received to help women and animals leave their domestic violence situations.
The $20,000 grant was awarded by the RedRover Safe Housing Program. The Souris Valley Animal Shelter was one of five shelters in four states to receive this grant - so this is kind of a big deal! According to RedRover's website, the Sacramento-based grant program has awarded more than $1.2 million in the name of saving animals since 2012. And $250,000 of that has been awarded in 2020, alone. Get more details about the work RedRover is doing here.
Can you imagine living through Hell on Earth like victims in domestic violence situations do? And think about how much worse that situation could be if pets are involved. And if a victim is trying to escape, they most likely don't have the luxury of taking all of their belongings, let alone their pets. Thank goodness that there are places, like RedRover and Souris Valley Animal Shelter, that offer support while victims take their lives back.
I have two amazing pets, a chunky cat and a tiny Yorkshire Terrier. I love them more than words can describe. I do not know what I do if I was in such a life situation that I had to flee and leave them behind. It would be devastating. These programs and heroes running them are doing wonderful things.

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