Sports Illustrated reports that a man will travel 506 miles from Minot to Minneapolis for a yard sale.

There is a good reason why the Minot man, Mark Hamilton, is making the journey and a valid reason why this is being reported by a well known sports publication.

The man hosting the yard sale is Bud Grant, a former head coach for the Minnesota Vikings for a total of 18 seasons.

“Nowhere else in America can this happen,” Hamilton told SI. “Bud’s a Minnesota boy, and he’s revered. He’s not just a Minnesota treasure. He’s a national treasure. Cars are backed up on both sides of the road, and all they want to do is rub shoulders with an icon.”

That is quite a proclamation.

Grant turns 89 on Friday and for the 12th consecutive year will be celebrating with close friends by having a yard sale. Hamilton is among the group of close friends.

The yard sale is taking place at 8134 Oakmere Road in Minneapolis today from 5pm to 8pm and then again on Friday from 8am to 1pm. Apparently people line up for this yard sale beginning at 8am.

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