Republican Rep. David Moore of Montana thinks yoga pants should be illegal.

House Bill 365, dreamed up by Moore and retired professor Walt Hill, sought to expand the state's definition of indecent exposure, spurred by the outrage last year's Bare As You Dare bicycle event inspired in the the Missoula community.

The bill, which seems to come from another world in another era, claims that the parameters of indecent exposure should include all garments that "give the appearance of a person's buttocks, genitals, pelvis or female nipple." This would include pieces such as leggings, tight-fitting tops or yoga pants.

Moore even goes so far as to suggest that the color beige is indecent, presumably because it closely resembles many skin tones.

A legislative committee struck down the bill by way of a voice vote without so much as a discussion, though some on the panel did "giggle" at the drastic nature of it.