You might see something a little strange over the next week or so. The national restaurant chain, "Checkers" and "Rally's" (Same ownership) is launching an ad campaign to convince one man to make a change.

National Day Calendar

I'm sure you've heard of the National Day Calendar, and have probably visited the website a time or two. You might be surprised to learn that a man in Bismarck was the founder of the site, and makes many of the decisions and designations for the calendar.

"Checkers" Isn't Playing Games

Marlo Anderson has been asked by the "Checkers" chain to reconsider the date for "National French Fry Day" and they mean business. Digital billboards, and other interesting tactics are being used to influence Anderson.

The business hopes to move the existing National French Fry Day, which falls on July 13th (next Wednesday), to the second Friday of the month of July. Get it? ... "Fry-Day".

Yes, this change would open up a world of possibilities for french fry, Friday puns.


The Really Interesting Part?

There isn't a single "Checkers" or "Rally's" in the state of North Dakota. As a matter of fact, there isn't one within 500 miles of us. My next question of course, is that their plan? Will the business soon be opening locations in North Dakota? Is this the precursor? Hard to tell at this time.

Marlo's Take On It

In an interview with Steve Bakken, on SuperTalk 1270, Anderson explained that National Day Calendar has been asked to change French Fry Day many times in the past. He said it's never gone quite this far though.

"I will say it's pretty clever," said Anderson.

Anderson went on to explain, that it's not as easy as you would think to change the calendar.

"It makes a whole lot of sense, but it upsets the whole calendar. Changes would have to be made," said Anderson.

A Petition Has Been Created

The "Checkers" and "Rally's" corporation has created a petition. As of right now, there are about 16,000 signatures. It went live just this morning (Tuesday, July 5th). Looking at the company's site, you'll see they plastered Anderson's face all over the page.

Anderson explained in the SuperTalk interview that he would prefer them to take a more conventional approach to requesting a change, though they've certainly gotten his attention.


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