A celebration was held in our household and from the looks of it across America too! First off back on July 13th (Wednesday) the National Day Calendar called for it to be National French Fry Day the 13th - HECK YEAH in BEC's book, as she says, "...if ever left on an island someone please drop me fries every day!"

Tigger and BEC, National Day Calendar, french fries
Hanxiao on Unsplash

A petition across America started back in June made headlines as a franchise restaurant, Checkers & Rally's which is best known possibly for their famous seasoned fries, promoted that fans of French Fries to move said holiday to the second Fryday.... aka the second Friday in July for evermore be National French Fry Day!

Tigger and BEC, National Day Calendar, French Fries
Seasoned Fries by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

Did you read that twice, no worries so did everyone else! How did this ever happen in the first place, that Fry Day wasn't already on a Friday?! Checkers & Rally's took it upon themselves to start a nationwide campaign targeting the North Dakota native, Mr. Marlo Anderson, the founder of the National Day Calendar, to change the date of celebration for this beloved American favorite.

Tigger and BEC, Checkers and rally's, national day calendar


Thanks to Checkers & Rally's efforts from a website, frydaytofriday.com, the message was heard loud and clear by the gatekeeper of the National Day Calendar. Marlo Anderson, founder of National Day Calendar. An announcement was made on the last Fry Day the 13th, July 2022 that forevermore the much celebrated National French Fry day in years to come will now be the 2nd Friday in July!

For those wondering what Checkers & Rally's is all about, there's a rumor that their Fry Love Express truck and trailer are en route to the 701 BisMan area for an upcoming celebration on July 27th in Mandan... The Great American Chili Dog & French Fry Festival! Until then...  Stay Tuned!


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