Update: 8:16am, April 16 - According to the Bismarck Tribune, all ND runners are presumed safe. Bismarck runner David Nash told the paper that local runners in the race had been in touch and were all apparently safe.

After hearing about the explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, which has now been confirmed as a bombing by officials, many people may wonder about fellow North Dakotans involved in the race.

Lynn Beiswanger of Bismarck told KFYR about the surreal scene he experienced:

People were running, and when I looked down, they were trying to get people out of the area.

Julie Jeske of Dickinson described her experience to the AP:

All of a sudden I'm standing there and I hear this loud boom and then another boom right afterwards. It was absolutely surreal. I think all of us were in total disbelief that this was taking place.

Here is a rundown of all 37 runners from North Dakota, courtesy of 2013 Boston Marathon Entry List.

Allen, Chuck O. 54 M Bismarck ND
Amondson, Mark C. 30 M Williston ND
Bartz, Jeremiah 32 M Bismarck ND
Beiswanger, Lynn R. 58 M Bismarck ND
Bohan, Tammy J. 51 F Bismarck ND
Cowles, Victoria 24 F Fargo ND
Dannewitz, Holly 32 F Grand Forks ND
Danuser, Jarrod P 34 M Fargo ND
Hanson, Scott A. 27 M Bismarck ND
Hass, Christopher L. 35 M Fargo ND
Hellyer, Rachel 36 F Grand Forks ND
Hill, Sarah J 29 F Bismarck ND
Hintz, Ray 64 M Bismarck ND
Holte, Tanya L. 31 F Fargo ND
Jensen, Jon J 47 M Grand Forks ND
Jeske, Julie 51 F Bismarck ND
Kaelberer, Denise 41 F Bismarck ND
Klabunde, Lori 50 F Bismarck ND
Mccullough, Sarah 50 F Bismarck ND
Momerak, Mark O. 55 M Bismarck ND
Nash, David E 57 M Bismarck ND
Owen, Jon 57 M Luverne ND
Pintar, Taylor 20 F Bismarck ND
Pritchard, Allison E. 26 F Fargo ND
Promersberger, Tricia D. 43 F Fargo ND
Rasmussen, Lief 25 M Fargo ND
Reed, Jacob A 23 M Grand Forks ND
Roper, Jodi 42 F Fargo ND
Schieler, Austin R 21 M Fargo ND
Short, Martin 43 M Grand Forks ND
Simon, Eugene 47 M Fargo ND
Simonson, John C 46 M Fargo ND
Steen, Jeffery 30 M Minot ND
Studer, Anne-Marie 30 F Grand Forks ND
Sturdefant, Kyle A. 21 M Minot ND
Tyler, James A. Jr. 49 M Bismarck ND
Weller, Maria L 48 F West Fargo ND