I don't have kids, but a common thing I hear from the parents in my family and friends circles - "Children are expensive." That's always been true, but the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified hard times for many families, Now, can you imagine how tough times are for parents who have children in diapers? For some, the struggle is real, and the YWCA in Minot is here to help families in need.

According to an article from KXNET.com, last weekend, Western North Dakota go its first diaper bank.The Dakota Diaper Pantry is located in Minot at the YWCA - 205 3rd Ave SE. Check out the Dakota Diaper Pantry's website for more information on how to donate or get help.

Again, I am not a parent, so I can be slightly clueless about children. I knew they were expensive, but I learned from the KXNET.com article that daycare centers require parents to supply the diapers and wipes. The article also says that if parents don't or can't supply these things, the child/ children can't come to daycare. Basically, if a kid can't go to daycare, parents may have to stay home from work. If they can't work, they may be losing out on making money to go towards the diapers they already can't afford. Vicious cycle, huh?

It never occurred to me that supplies such as diapers and wipes are not worked into the cost of daycare. It's unfortunate that some have to worry about their babies having clean diapers. Thank goodness for the YWCA and the Dakota Diaper Pantry recognizing that families are in need of diapers and for doing something help them.

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