With loose tooth prices skyrocketing in the last couple years, our friends at Visa have come up with a handy app to help you market price your babies precious teeth.

Credit Card giant Visa has released an app that helps you determine what your kids teeth are worth. The value is based on a survey that they conduct every year by making calls to over 4,000 parents that inform them on what the 'tooth fairy' leaves for their kids missing teeth.

The value of a tooth is starting to come back down to reality after spiking in 2013 at $3.70 per tooth down to an average nationwide of just $3.19 in 2015. The survey also shows that the 'Tooth Fairy' tends to favor kids in households with incomes over $75,000 (average $3.46) as well as kids who live in the Northeastern part of the country (average $3.56)

According to the Tooth Fairy App (which, at time of writing this article only had 1 download total in Google Play) for a family of 5 making roughly $60,000 a year in North Dakota, the going rate for a lost tooth is $2. Quite the inflation from the $0.25 I use to get for my teeth back in the day.

The Tooth Fairy App is available in the Apple App Store as well as Google Play.