It's been nine whole years since we've seen Nelly on the silver screen, when he played the role of Earl Megget in the 2011 film 'The Longest Yard.' Now he's making his acting comeback in a major way in the new movie 'Reach Me,' starring Sylvester Stallone and Terry Crews, among others. The rapper flexes his acting muscle in the film's trailer.

The St. Louis native plays the part of E-Ruption, a motivational speaker. The story line revolves around a self-help book that all of the characters are affected by. The trailer shows Nelly as a talk show guest, breaking down the meaning of the book and discussing how it inspired him. His character seems to be a central figure in the overall plot of the movie.

Last year, director John Herzfeld spoke about the movie and how happy he was about the cast. "Everything I have to say as a filmmaker and a man is packed in this story of redemption and hope," he said. "And I am lucky and thrilled to be working with a phenomenally talented cast that is realizing my dream."

'Reach Me' arrives in theaters Oct. 24.

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