A new meat processing plant is opening near Steele, North Dakota. Look for NoDak Meats very soon. It will be up and running by February 1st of next year (2024) according to a sign posted near the site.

The building is just north of Steele, on Highway 3.

NoDak Meats

You may have already known this was coming, as NoDak Meats was awarded $45,000 for equipment from the Agricultural Diversification and Development Fund. -- This was announced July of last year (2022).

You can read more about that here.

Now, it looks like we are getting closer to the opening date.

If you're not a farmer or rancher, I'm sure you won't be too excited with this news, but you should be. Once the plant opens and gets running I'm sure it will create more jobs and help stimulate the local economy.

History Lesson

When I saw this news pop up in my feed, I quickly realized I knew next to nothing about meat processing. Here are some things you might find interesting,

1. A meat processing plant processes animals into meat for human consumption. While it's not our favorite thing to think about, we do depend on places like this. According to DelightedCooking.com

2. Meat processing plants have been in the United States since 1928.

3. Some meat processing plants don't slaughter animals at all. According to the source, meat processing lants fall into three categories: slaughter and processing, processing only, and cold storage.

That's It

That's all the new information we have at this time, but keep checking back for updates!

As always, thanks for reading. TTFN!


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