Every couple weeks, I go in search for new music that I think you would like to hear on Hot 97.5. In the end, I listen to what you tell me you want to decide what actually makes it on the air! 

Here's 5 of the hottest new tracks I could find that I think you should already have on your iPod. Call/Email/Txt/Facebook/Tweet me to tell me what you want to hear!

  • Jennifer Lopez - First Love

    Jennifer Lopez is easily the Queen of adding her Latin flare to Mainstream sounds of the time. She's been able to reinvent her sound multiple times over her career to keep true to the Latin sound, but in a way that everyone can identify with. As with all good songs, the Hook on this one is infectious.

  • Pharrell Williams - Come Get It Bae

    You've probably already heard this song, from his appearance on 'The Voice' to it's inclusion in the most recent Red Bull campaign, "Come Get It Bae" is the next smash out of one of the Hottest artists today.

  • Demi Lovato f/ Cher Lloyd - Really Don't Care

    Following up her smash hits "Neon Lights" and "Heart Attack," Demi teams up with Cher Lloyd to bring her signature sound to another amazing feel good track.

  • Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down

    When she's not on the set of "50 Shades," you can find Rita Ora in the studio with Jay-Z putting in hours of work trying to perfect her sound. Her latest track matches some great lyrics with a creative beat I haven't heard in a long time. An amazing song for the summer!

  • Enrique Iglesias f/ Sean Paul, Gente de Zona - Bailando

    I don't know what it is... But there is something about this beat that just causes me to dance in my seat. Enrique is back with 2 of the biggest Latin artist, creating an English version of his first single off his latest album. This is my Dark Horse pick for Hit of 2014.