If you are travelling to New Town this weekend, be advised that there is now a citywide mask mandate.
Yesterday morning (October 22), the New Town Police Department posted a notice on Facebook about a new mandate in the city. The New Town City Council had passed a citywide mask mandate. New Town is the fourth city in North Dakota to impose a mask mandate. KFYR-TV reported that the mask mandate for New Town immediately went into effect.
I surprised to learn that New Town was the latest North Dakota town to issue a mask mandate. This comes after Fargo, West Fargo, and Minot issued mandates for their citizens earlier this week. I honestly thought Bismarck would be the next city to pass a mask mandate. And it could happen.
In just four short days, the Bismarck City Council will cast their votes on issuing a mask mandate. I can only speculate the outcome of the vote, but I my educated guess is that Bismarck will follow suit. We could end up being surprised by the outcome of the vote as well.
I won't lie, I'm a little nervous about a mask mandate. I mean, once one is in place, will it ever go away? How strictly enforced would a mandate be? Could it become entirely illegal to ever leave the house without wearing a mask? What could happen next?
Again, I stress that I am not causing a stink about masks/ dismissing COVID-19. I wear mine and try to keep my distance. But I have been getting "The Handmaid's Tale(-ish)" vibes about the direction our society is heading for a minute.
Which way do you think the Bismarck City Council's citywide mask mandate vote will go?

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