Niall Horan's "friend" allegedly leaked the One Direction member's cell phone number, and it was Horan who dealt with the fallout. He wasn't stoked.

The 1D cutie was flooded with tons and tons of fan photos after the security breach, and it was not shots of girls wearing homemade Mrs. Horan T-shirts or blowing kisses at him.

They were reportedly plenty of naked Directioner photos -- and that's a whole headache in and of itself, since many 1D fans are underage and we're sure Horan didn't want to be associated with these inappropriate images.

Horan had to move quickly to swap his digits. According to the U.K. Metro, a source said he didn't think of it as a joke.

"Niall didn’t see the funny side of it," the source said. "He wasn’t even remotely curious about the pictures because so many of his fans are teenage girls. It was a huge pain for him. He was forced to change his mobile number immediately."

We totally get it! Changing a phone number is an inconvenience and an annoyance.

Directioners, remember this next time a personal piece of 1D member info leaks, please. Respect the boys and their privacy.