One Direction adore their Directioners ... but with one caveat: They actually want to talk to them! And that's not always easy. Niall Horan explained why.

"I wish when fans get 20 seconds with you, they would just sit and have a quick chat rather than just go, 'Arrggghhhh, arrggghhhh!' in your face," he confessed to The Sun (via Entertainment Wise). "I just want to have a chat with them and hear what they have to say."

You hear that, Directioners? Calm down and just talk to the band like they're, you know, people.

Horan also confessed that the loud screaming is part of why he and bandmate Harry Styles hate night clubs. "I never go out," Horan said of the party scene. "I only go to the pub. I never go out clubbing! I hate clubs, you can't even talk to anyone," he added. "You have to shout at them!"

And Hazza had a different reason for shunning the scene. "There's sticky tables!"