An eleventh-hour Dancing With The Stars loss is suddenly the least of Nick Carter's concerns — the Backstreet Boys member has been arrested after a fight at a Florida bar that found him allegedly trying to choke a bouncer.

Carter and friend Michael Papayans were sloshed when they arrived at the Hog's Breath Saloon in Key West on Wednesday night (January 13), TMZ reports. The bar refused to serve the guys given their condition, and kicked them out out when they got mouthy. Outside, things got violent.

Onlookers told the site either Carter or Papayans sucker punched someone on the establishment's staff, and that Papayans proceeded to headbutt the place's manager. Finally, Carter grabbed a bouncer by the throat, but the bar's workers eventually got the upper hand, and by the time police arrived, the staff had already restrained Carter and Papayans.

Both guys were arrested for battery, and according to Entertainment Tonight, Carter is still in custody at a nearby jail, and his bail has not been set.

In October, Carter spoke with PopCrush about his troubled past — which included battles with alcohol and drugs — and was insistent he had gotten a handle on his vices.

"I’m in a great place in my life where I am comfortable in my own skin," he said. "I’ve gone through my hardships and I realize I’m very fortunate to have this opportunity to go out there and show the good side of Nick Carter versus the bad – versus the alcohol, the drugs, the women, the old life. Now that the bad stuff isn’t overshadowing the good, I’m able to show right now."

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