Nicki Minaj is officially single...or maybe not? The Queen Barbz appeared on the Ellen Show recently and revealed that her relationship status is single.

For the record, Minaj is still dating her boyfriend Meek Mill. But the 33-year-old rapper is so tired of the media prying into their relationship that she would rather just say that she’s single.

“I don’t really care to say I’m in a relationship, or I’m engaged or whatever… There’s a boy that likes me, that’s all,” she told Ellen.

However, Ellen pointed out that Meek spends a lot of money on her - like this huge diamond sparkler - so he’s not going to be happy to hear her say that she’s single.

Minaj then tried to play coy, saying, “Does it matter, Ellen?” to which she replied, “Yes it does. It really does.”

On social media, fans took Minaj's comments as a slap in the face to Meek Mill. In essence, the Philly rhymer is still taking L's in 2016.

While some people understood that Minaj was protecting her privacy and didn't want to talk about her relationship, others believed that she clowned Meek on national TV.

"Damn son! Nicki Minaj completely demoted Meek Mill to Safaree level. He's just a boy that likes her now," tweeted BlogXilla.

Another person wrote, "Basically Nicki Minaj clarified her relationship and her privacy and that went over people's head."

What do you think? Did Nicki Minaj demoted Meek Mill or was she just trying to protect their relationship? Tell us in the comments below.

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