North Dakota 2nd Best State For Skin Health, Study Finds 

According to a company called No7 Beauty North Dakota ranks pretty high. They looked at the air quality, humidity, and average hours of sunlight exposure for each state to find out where each state ranks. The lower the score, the better. 

North Dakota was found to be the second best, but if you’re like me you probably want to know who took the top spot. Montana ranked highest in skin health.  

And The Worst? 

West Virginia came in dead last. No7 Beauty’s index found that the state’s scores in air quality and sunlight exposure make it the worst in the country. 

I’m Surprised 

You would think dry places like Texas, Arizona, and Nevada would be the worst places for your skin; apparently there are more things to consider. *Insert shoulder shrug* 

Did You Know? 

According to, your skin makes up 15 percent of your body weight. As you can imagine, I will be factoring this in the next time I step on a scale. 

Another fun fact: the website says the thickest skin on your body is on your feet. Your eyelids would be the thinnest. 

 No Slacking!

Even though we have the second-best conditions for skin health, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be taking all the necessary precautions. Check your moles, wear suncreen, and seek shade whenever possible.

I know we're a bit ahead of the curve here, because we still have snow on the ground. *Sigh*

Eventually, it will get warm outside. … I think. ...I hope. You know what? For good measure, I’ll find a magic genie lamp and give it a good rub because, with North Dakota, you never know. 



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