It never hurts to send a thoughtful message as a friendly reminder.

In 2016, we've seen some horrible tragedies throughout the country and the entire world. Many of those have been nothing more than acts of hate towards someone else. Sometimes it's the simplest of positive messages that remind us of just how we need to act towards one another. In North Dakota, there have been billboards placed across the state that read short, but positive messages such as, "Be Kind," "Be Nice," Be Polite," or "Have a Great Day."

The signs went up at one time thirty years ago as part of a civility campaign initiated by Newman Signs. The signs have recently gone up again in hopes of making a positive impression.

There are 30 signs total across North Dakota, western Montana, and eastern Minnesota placed along dozens of different highways. If you happen to be taking a road trip, you might just see one of these signs appear along your route. It's certainly never a bad idea to take notice because a few kind words can go a long way, and maybe even make someone's day.

If you take nothing else from it, just remember to be good to each other, everyone.

Source: KFYR