Wisconsin "pink is in" supporters have been making bank on pink camo since 2016.

So why shouldn't North Dakota?  North Dakota Senate Legislative Bill 2143 seeks to rectify that.

A BILL for an Act to amend and reenact section 20.1-05-06 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to wearing fluorescent pink or certain camouflage patterns while hunting big game.

Ladies, you're thinking I'm about to start making fun of this concept....

unhappy boyish 4-year old girl expressing disagreement with body language


Sure why not? Just see these Wisconsin boys hunting in their big pinks. Do you think North Dakota deer have gotten too used to our blaze orange hunters out walking the cattails? If so, they'll never see the pink hunters sneaking through the buck brush.


And if they do...they might just think it's kinda cute.  But then it's too late.

Any woman can shoot a gun as well as a man.  Of course you can!  I shot myself in the foot as the first deer hunting accident in the state- circa 1984(?) that seems about right.  Could ladies make that shot? Don't know, it went through my pants leg twice... practice, practice, practice.

Pink has been embraced by EVERYONE in October, especially the NFL.  So do me one favor and let's not ever mix the pink with the orange. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did it all the time with their creamsicle orange uniforms with the breast cancer pink flair...it was terrible.

Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Or was it?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Redskins
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So guys and gals what do you say? Do you think these folks...

Introduced by Senators K. Roers, Kreun, Bell Representatives Bosch, Roers Jones, Zubke

have a point?

Why not?  Just don't leave the orange folks in the financial dust.

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