A North Dakota news host is no longer with his company because of a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

According to InforumValley News Live's "Point of View" host, Chris Berg, is no longer working for the news station because of his stance against the company's COVID-19 vaccination requirement. The report does not say if he was fired or if he chose to part ways with Valley News Live. But I can imagine more situations like this coming about as more and more companies force employees to get vaccinated.

Is it ok that employees can get forced out of their jobs if they refuse the vaccine?

How do we live in a world that a person is forced out of work if they do not get a vaccine? No one that I know of was getting fired for not getting their yearly flu shots all these years before COVID ran the world. Now, a person's entire livelihood can be at risk simply for choosing not to get the COVID-19 vaccine - and that has nothing to do with them actually getting sick. That is scary.

Why should a job be in jeopardy for not getting the vaccine?

Whatever happened to personal responsibility? If a person wants the vaccine, they can get it. But if someone does not want to, why should there be any repercussions? This was supposed to be a choice to get it. Sadly, those choosing not to get it are being vilified.

I am not an "anti-vaxxer" or some wild conspiracy theorist, but how are people fine with this happening? Governments forced people out of their jobs to "slow the spread" in what was supposed to be a two-week event nearly two years ago. Now, here we are, letting companies force out employees simply because they do not want the vaccine.

Getting the shot should be a choice. No one owes it to society to get it.

If those who are worried about getting or giving COVID-19 have the vaccine, they should not be concerned if others have it or not. The vaccine does not 100% prevent catching it and it does not stop the spread - it only possibly prevents it from being severe in people who have the shot. So, those of you who are comfortable with that can totally get the shot, but no one owes it to society to get it done.

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