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Look him in the eyes and say "Sorry Doug" or maybe, "We Misunderstood Ya Doug", or perhaps "Way to Go Doug!" For all the flak he's taken, it's high time for some conservative, libertarian, and gun-toting love for Doug!

The House passed the final version of HB1383 by an 80-12 vote. The Senate approved the measure 40-7. With Gov. Burgum’s signature, the law went into immediate effect.

This from

 The law prohibits a state agency or political subdivision, along with law enforcement officers or individuals employed by a state agency or political subdivision, from providing assistance to a federal agency or official, or from acting independently with respect to the investigation, prosecution, or enforcement of a violation of a federal statute, order, rule, or regulation purporting to regulate a firearm, firearm accessory, or firearm ammunition enacted after January 1, 2021, if the federal action more restrictive than state law.


There was plenty of wacky gun bills bouncing around the Legislature this year and lo and behold, one wacky one stuck.

North Dakota secedes from the Union. Most surprising.

Just as Federal Government agencies are no longer taking any real action on federally illegal marijuana possession in legal marijuana states, North Dakota has decided to not participate, instigate, or investigate any arms violation that may have a federal origin.  We take care of our own.

In seeming support of the concept, Fox guy Andrew Napolitano laid down some of his familiar cross-talk:

“If the federal government limits guns in a state, will it need the assistance of state police to enforce those limitations?” Napolitano asked rhetorically. “Yes, they will. And do the states have the right to refuse to enforce federal law that’s against state public policy? Yes, they do. That’s where we are on this.”

So let's just forget about the support local law enforcement currently shares with federal agencies working together to protect our citizens by sharing information and initiating action through the many learned and talented individuals participating from the fed, state, and local levels.  Recently North Dakota witnessed a great victory with the Detroit drug connection severed here in the state. How long will it last? It will, only if we keep cooperating.

But that's not a possibility in the "new" North Dakota, we need the Feds help like a hole in a bucket. Unless...

“This section does not prohibit an agency or political subdivision of the state or a law enforcement officer or individual employed by an agency or political subdivision of the state from providing assistance to a federal agency or official for an offense not related to firearms or an offense to which firearms are incidental, including a drug offense, homicide, assault, kidnapping, sex offense, or human trafficking.”

Unless of course guns aren't involved (much), than we can all work together.

Goodness, these smokescreen bills are hard to figure out.  Until we sign the official seceding papers...let's keep working together okay!


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