If you're still looking for that special someone to spend Valentine's Day with on Tuesday, you're not in a bad spot...relatively speaking.

Based on a recent study from WalletHub, North Dakota is the 15th 'Best State for Singles.' A better way of putting that is 'best states for meeting someone.' The factors used to determine the study are share and balance of single adults, income, entertainment values per capita, and cost of living, among others.

North Dakota ranked 1st in the country in the category of 'Dating Economics,' 10th in 'Romance & Fun,' and 37th in 'Dating Opportunities.' The balance of these categories scored the state its overall ranking.

Neighboring Minnesota, South Dakota, and Montana beat out ND with overall rankings of 14th, 5th, and 4th respectively. Counting down the three spots to the top are California, Colorado, and Washington, as it took the top spot.

The bottom five went to Alaska, West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi taking the bottom spot as the worst state for singles.

So cheer up, North Dakota singles, there's hope for you yet.

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