It turns out, North Dakota's pretty chill. And that's not even a weather pun.

WalletHub recently released their ranking of the 'Most Stressful States to Live In' and on a list that included the fifty states plus Washington, D.C., North Dakota was ranked 50 of 51. Minnesota managed to take the 51st spot. In turn, that means that Minnesota is the least stressful state to live in, while North Dakota took 2nd in that regard.

The analysis took into account a few different determining factors than it had in years past. Prior to this year's results, the study measured levels of stress from work, money, the economy, etc. This year, the study took into account anxiety levels from current events, such as the election, conflicts in the political climate, and overall uncertainty of the nation's future.

Other determining factors included a wide variety from the-amount-of hours worked during the average work week to the amount of sleep the average person in that state is getting.

North Dakota finished in the top-five (that means one of the least stressful) in several categories including money-related stress, family-related stress, highest credit score, most-affordable housing, and lowest divorce rate.

The top-five 'Most Stressful States to Live In' are from five-to-one: Kentucky, West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama finishing as the most stressful.

So relax, North Dakotans. We have it pretty good right now.

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