Cold and flu season is upon us, and in North Dakota, it's even more prevalent than most places.

We've all been there. Being sick is a horrible feeling. Sometimes it's almost unavoidable. In North Dakota, it's even more unavoidable than most places. According to a study done by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, North Dakota ranks third in the country with the most flu-, and pneumonia-related deaths in 2015-16.

The statistical data was done by gathering the percentage of death that were flu and pneumonia-related, which in North Dakota is high at 8.47% out of all deaths in that time span. Only Hawaii (9.9%) and Missouri (9.15%) had a higher percentage of flu and pneumonia-related deaths in that time span.

The top three, or three least states to die from those sicknesses are Oregon (5.29%), Alaska (5.01%), and Louisiana (4.77%).

Be aware of how viruses can spread and the best of luck to everyone staying healthy this cold and flu season.