Over 293,000 people showed up for the 2016 North Dakota State Fair, a decrease of four percent.

Despite the decrease in numbers this year, the North Dakota State Fair says they are happy with the attendance numbers according to KFYR-TV.

Kenny Chesney received the largest attendance out of all the Grand Stand performances with 11,342 people coming out to watch. Fall Out Boy was second with 10,010.

The fair's total attendance was 293,123.

In a statement from the North Dakota State fair, organizers told KFYR:

“As we look back on our Fair, we have to extend our gratitude to the city, county, state and all the Fair fans,” said State Fair Manager Renae Korslien. “The State Fair would be impossible without our excellent staff, both individuals and organizations, whose passion for the Fair and pride in the work they do make every detail outstanding. The 2016 North Dakota State Fair has been another outstanding event. This truly is Where Summer Shines. The staff is now looking forward to planning the 2017 Fair which will be held July 21st- 29th."

It is unclear what may have led to the decreased attendance this year and fair officials did not give any suggestions as to what may have led to the decline.