There will be a state fair this year, and there will be concerts.  The North Dakota State Fair in Minot announced on their facebook page who's coming to Minot this year.  A couple of the names are carryovers from last years line up, that never happened due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Dan + Say will open the state fair on Saturday, July 24th with their string of country and top 40 hits.  Including "10,000 Hours", "Speechless", "I Should Probably Go To Bed" & "Tequila."  Ashley McBryde, an up an budding country star will take the stage on Sunday, July 25th.  Ashley McBryde, broke through on the country charts with her big hit "One Night Standards."   A North Dakota favorite Sawyer Brown will perform on Wednesday, July 28th and all their classic country hits.  Casey Donahew on Thursday, July 29th.  Superstar Kane Brown will showcase his talents and close down the fair on Saturday, July 31st.  Kane Brown has had numerous hits over the last several years including, "Heaven", "Good As You", "Cool Again", "Lose it" and "What ifs" a duet with Lauren Alaina.  Classic rocker Lynyrd Skynyrd will rock the house on Friday, July 23rd.  Rocker Billy Idol will give you "more more more" on Friday, July 30th.

A little something for all tastes of music.  Tickets will go on sale for the North Dakota State Fair on March 31st at 8am.  Keep listening to win your tickets to all the biggest shows on US 103-3 and Cool 98.7!


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