The North Dakota State Fair is the best state fair in the entire country.

The summer is famous for its fairs whether it is county fairs or state fairs and only one fair can be the best fair.

Not every county in the country necessarily has a fair but I believe all 50 states do and the website chose to take on the task of ranking the nation's best state fairs.

However, the metrics they used to determine the best state fairs was interesting. What makes a state fair great is usually the rides, the attractions, the food, and the live performances.

SmartAsset chose not to look at any of those things though. They ranked the best state fairs on the attendance rates, admission prices, how many days each fair is and the daily precipitation averages for each fair.

Of course if a fair is really expensive, nobody shows up, and it constantly rains, that certainly could be a damper on a fair that has great food and great musical acts.

Based on the above factors, the North Dakota State Fair was ranked the best in the country. With an attendance of 305,093 people in 2015, 43.3% of the entire population of North Dakota made an appearance at the state fair in Minot.

The North Dakota State Fair is 9 days long and adult ticket prices are just $10. The average rainfall at the North Dakota State Fair averages out to just .07 inches per day.

The North Dakota State Fair this year is from July 22 through July 30

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