Food is literally everywhere - advertisements, online, restaurants, grocery stores, and at home. There are even events and holidays that mainly focus on food and eating. And here in the good ol' US of A, we love the foods that are the worst for our bodies. If you are someone who loves food, it can be a daily struggle to make the right choices.

There is a North Dakota woman who has struggled with her relationship with food for her entire life. But, she now has a weight loss success story. She took control of her eating habits and she got to share her inspiring story with Redbook.

Roxanne Mulligan of Fargo told Redbook that she was always a bigger girl who struggled to lose weight. She said that she tried different diets and exercise, but nothing ever "stuck." It was not until a tragic life event happened that she was able to turn her life around and achieve her goals and beyond!

Redbook states that Roxanne became a single parent after her sister died from a blood clot, caused by gastric sleeve surgery. Roxanne knew she could not go that weight loss route, but she needed to make a change in order to be the best parent to her nephew, Ryan. A work challenge inspired her to walk (even on days where the North Dakota winter temps dipped into the double negatives). And then she got her eating habits right. Today, Roxanne is down 149 pounds and she just keeps getting stronger and better.

When you are a bigger person, it can be intimidating to think about losing a bunch of weight. And, when you are always surrounded by the worst (and most delicious) food options, it can be hard to reach for the healthier option. Weight loss is not for the faint of heart, so it is always inspiring to see people crush their health and fitness goals like Roxanne.

Have you ever been inspired to become a healthier person?


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