Gas prices are certainly the most terrifying thing at the gas station, but there is something else that North Dakotans should watch out for.

Look Out

Sure you’re gonna see some spilled gas on the ground, possibly some oil, some sketchy characters here and there, but on your next trip to the gas station, keep your eyes open for fruit.

Yes, you read that right, some people leave fruit at the gas pumps, and it’s for a potentially dangerous/illegal reason.

Personally, I have never seen fruit left at the pump, but maybe I wasn't looking hard enough.

Wait, What? Fruit?

So, why is finding fruit at a gas station dangerous? According to TikTok, apples and oranges that are left outside on the gas pump may mean something you never would’ve guessed.

North Dakota Beware

According to the video, if you see an apple or orange outside of a gas pump, that could mean a drug dealer is watching you pump your gas. People watching me try to figure out the gas pump gives me anxiety already; this only makes an already annoying activity that much worse.

Why Fruit?

Apparently, if you pick up the fruit by or on the pump, that signals the drug dealer that you are considering or wanting to buy drugs. Random, I know. 

Picking up fruit at a gas station might be the furthest thing from my first instinct, but if it's yours, you might want to think twice.

 On your next road trip, be on the lookout!

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