We all have questions about relationships. Navigating our way through the dating world in 2022 isn't easy. I couldn't help but notice that CenturyLink put together a map of each state's most-search relationship questions -- the results are nothing short of cringey.

How It Works

The company analyzed Google Data to find out what people are asking. You might be surprised at how many states are asking the same thing. Now, before I tell you North Dakota's I have to point out a few others that are funny and sort of sad.



This one disappoints me a little bit. The most-searched relationship question in the state is "Does he like me?" -- Girl move on, he ain't the one. He's probably gaslighting you, making you feel insecure and unsure because he's a big "L".  If you have to ask that question, he doesn't. Don't sell yourself short. Go find a guy that shows you how he feels and makes you the center of his universe. In 2022 we settle for nothing less.



So it looks like the entire Midwest is going through a rough patch. Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Arkansas are all searching "How to get over a breakup." To answer that question: if you want to get over a breakup, cry it out, then focus on you. Glow up. That's honestly the remedy. Before you know it, the right one will come along.

Northeastern States

Several states in that area are ready to commit. Maybe I should send my on-again-off-again up there for a bit so he can drink whatever's in the water. Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are all searching "When to say I love you."

North Dakota

Ok, I'll finally get to North Dakota's. I'll be honest, what we're searching for is a little embarrassing. North Dakota's number one most-searched relationship question is "How to kiss." Do we need to teach a class on this? I'm cringing so hard right now. The really surprising thing about this is that 32 states have this as its most-searched question. Are we not watching enough movies here? What's happening?

My advice: Go home and practice on your hand. Don't do what I did as a kid and practice on your wall so much that you wear the paint down in that spot. #TrueHorrorStory. Ingesting all that paint has made me who I am today. I regret nothing.

That's all folks!

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