North Dakota's newest most expensive home for sale has only been on Zillow for three days.  This home looks like something you would see in southern California that belongs to a celebrity.  100% luxury.  It's got an indoor swimming pool, a big-screen movie room and a game room with a pool table that is to die for.

This house is nearly 10,000 square feet.  You better have a housekeeper on retainer.  You're not cleaning this mansion in 20 minutes.  The home features six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.  WOW!

So, what kind of mortgage payment are we talking about with amenities like this?  The home is listed at $2,850,000.  That's right, nearly 3 MILLION dollars.  Your estimated monthly payment for this Taj Mahal is $16,181.  Can you imagine what your utility bills would look like?  I gotta be honest, I would be happy to live in this home's garage.

This home is beyond perfect, however, two things.  The cost is going to set you back nearly 3 million and you would have to live in FARGO.  That's right, the most expensive home in North Dakota according to Zillow is on the eastern side of the state.  I have nothing against people who live in Fargo, but the town has gotten to big.  They have actual traffic during drive times and I like to be able to go anywhere in 5 to 10 minutes.  You'll find this home at 3253 Timber Creek Circle South in Fargo, North Dakota.

I love this home, but I have a hard enough time keeping one bathroom clean, let alone seven!  You know what I'm saying???


North Dakota's Newest Most Expensive Home for Sale


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