When you learn what was declared North Dakota's 'Most Iconic Drink,' you may want to rethink some of your life decisions.

We all know that North Dakotans love their alcohol. After all, earlier this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention labeled North Dakota as 'America's Drunkest State.' You would think with a title as such, maybe we might have some sort of standards for what may be preferred as our 'most iconic drink,' right?... Nope. North Dakota's 'most iconic drink' is none other than Busch Light.

How is this possible? How does any state have such a drink as Busch Light become their most iconic drink? According to the source, which happens to be the BuzzFeed Community, they asked members from each state to submit nominations for a 'most iconic drink.' Nothing was submitted for North Dakota.

As the editor of the source material put it, "No one submitted anything for North Dakota, but after asking around, it looks like Busch Lite is a safe bet."

Asking around? Who'd they ask, some random guy from North Dakota named Chad or something? (I actually have a friend here named Chad and he really likes Busch Light.) It doesn't exactly seem like they put forth much effort into the research when it came to our state.

Look, I have nothing against Busch Light or anyone who prefers Busch Light for that matter; i.e., Chad. I grew up in St. Louis, MO where Anheuser-Busch is. That's literally the home of Busch Light, so I've certainly had my share. But is a domestic beer the best we can do for our most iconic drink? That goes for any domestic beer. In fact, the only other state that had Busch Light as their most iconic drink is Iowa. Seriously, North Dakota, let's be better than Iowa.

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