It's that time of year again to plan your Super Bowl party or figure out what dish you're going to bring to a party for the big game that you're attending. If you're wondering what North Dakota's favorite Super Bowl dish is, Google might have found your answer.

Google released a list of what the most Googled foods and recipes have been for the past week leading up to the Super Bowl in every state. The choices were broken down into the categories: main dish, side dish, appetizer, dips, and desserts. In North Dakota, apparently, we went with an appetizer for our most popular dish, Baked Nachos.

Our neighbors to the east in Minnesota prefer Tacos. On the west side, Montana seems to be fans of Lentil Soup and down south, South Dakota likes Cupcakes.

The most bizarre favorite Super Bowl has to go to New Mexico with Pea and peppercorn mash, which is also oddly specific.

Several states also preferred dips, such as Buffalo Chicken Dip and Spinach Dip. To view what each state preferred, you can click here.

No matter what you prefer, enjoy your Super Bowl Weekend, North Dakota and Go Rams! (**This was written by an actual Rams fan**)

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