Men need women and there is no closer proof than looking at Williston, ND. Recently the New York Times perused our state looking for single men. North Dakota ranks 3rd in the nation for single men with 58% of our population being made up by guys between 18-34. Now after these guys work hard in the oil fields, at the end of the day, there is a serious shortage of women, which may be a result of them feeling uncomfortable with the testosterone surge. Stories of strippers and escorts flocking to western North Dakota to make $1000 a night, women being propositioned to come to men's homes for thousands of dollars and the general lack of women in town creates a sense of hormonal angst.

Some women are being approached and harassed while getting gas or groceries. There is also the issue of married men propositioning single women.

So what do you think about the explosion of single men to the area? How should women living in the area deal with this? What will happen to the state with industries like stripping and escorting experiencing a boom in western North Dakota?