One Direction revealed quite a bit about themselves on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' -- and about their love lives. Why does Niall Horan get so many girls? How does Harry Styles really feel about Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne? What is Styles' bizarre physical abnormality? And Liam Payne gets even more personal ... and a little gross!

Nialler reveals that he scores tons of chicks because he's a blond Irish guy, and "they've never seen a blond Irish guy before." Ha!

Zayn Malik revealed that he basically didn't learn anything at all during the band's time in Japan. Payne talked about wearing boxers ... and about his pubes! (Seriously, you need to watch this.)

Perhaps the most shocking revelation? Hazza's! No, not that he's "friends" with Delevingne and Swift (the latter of whom threw shade at him yet again last week at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show), but that he's got one leg longer than the other!

One of Styles' gams is half an inch longer than the other, causing him some discomfort. He explained to Ross, "I have a bad back and I went to see and osteopath. He told me to do ballet. But I didn't. I'm doing yoga instead!"

Watch the full interview above -- and see which bandmember almost peed his pants right there onstage!